Automated Scalper Results for Wednesday June 27th

Posted by Bruce Levy on

In today's screenshare we saw a max cumulative profit of $525 by 11:15 AM EST. Unfortunately markets chopped around a bit and most of it was given back, ending the session at -$100.

Traders that came in early in the session between 930-11 did well capturing the bulk of the gains leading up to $525.

Although this late afternoon chop was less than desirable, it fits well within the typical daily loss distribution profile. The data tells us one must be patient and wait for weekly results rather than just the daily. Keep in mind this involves trading the system on a continuous schedule and not interfering or shutting it off.

According to the system stats, we should not see 2 consecutive weeks of losses, if that does end up happening it signals we should shut down the program, but for now all is normal.

Come check us out as we trade the Automated Order-Flow System tomorrow morning.


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