Will the Euro push through this low volume air pocket going into the London Session?

Posted by Bruce Levy on

Monday June 25th 3:00 AM EST, The London Session has just begun.

We are closely monitoring the 6E 09-18 September Futures Contract.

Delta for the session has came in at: -1327

This is typically a bearish indication telling us that more sellers have been loading up since Sunday's open.

However, the NQ and ES are also printing negative, so no clear correlations exist just yet.

In this 240M euro chart we can see the price testing the topside of the downward regression channel. Just above this area is a low volume void, aka minus development. If price can thrust higher on an increase in volume it is likely to burst through the air pocket and shoot up to the other side.

In addition we have identified stop-loss levels based on the FTRTrendBreakPB Indicator, which plots trend reversals along with stop loss locations. Typically we suggest waiting for price to close below the stop location prior to making decisions. 


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