Identifying Institutional Block Trades

In this video I review Block Trades from the CME website, show how the FTRInstitutionalBlockTrade Indicator can plot these same orders on the charts, and how we've gone as far as creating entry signals with the Block Trade Algorithm.

Trading with Block Order Data

In the video we go over the concept behind block data then proceed to get data through the NinjaTrader platform. After saving the data to a file and importing datainto R Studio we enter the following commands:

#rename file

clData <- CL.05.19.Last

#Observe data columns


#Rename volume and price columns

clPrice <- clData$V2

clVolume <- clVol$V3

#Import and call GGPlot2



#View the data

ggplot(clData,aes(clVol,clPrice)) + geom_point()+ geom_smooth(method = lm, formula = y ~ splines::bs(x, 3), se = FALSE)

Block Trade System PDF Setup Instructions: