Price Magnet Trading System

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Price Magnets identify levels of unfinished business in the chart. They show areas were price has quickly left an area without a chance to fill all order in the book. Many traders are left with unfilled buy and sell orders of all types. Price has a very high likelihood of returning to these areas  to fill them.  Load the Price Magnets Indicator on your chart and backtest the indicator for yourself. You will see that 9 out of 10 levels are eventually filled on a closing basis. In the above chart there is a Price Magnet near 49.07 that has not been filled.  The Close[0]  of the bar must close above/below the Price Magnet for it to terminate. In the above example price has wicked above but could not close above. This attempt to terminate the Price Magnet has failed. For trend trading purposes we would now hold a Bearish Bias and would look to sell the first bear candle short to take out the lower Price Magnet at 47.84