Trend & Breakout Analyzer (NT7)

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Trends are best identified by counting up bars versus down bars. The Current Trend Indicator displays Uptrend, Downtrend or Neutral depending on the barcount for the given lookback period. It compares the amount of Up Bars to Down Bars and displays the results in the lower left corner, when the count is equal is displays as "Neutral". By comparing the bar count you will know the development, or bias of the trend which is hard to identify in consolidation or during turning points with a typical smoothed moving average. 
In addition the Breakout Analyzer lets you know if the current Close[0] is above or below the prior trading range. This indicator is useful in keeping you with the trend rather than trading against it. A Bullish Breakout combined with a Uptrend plot show clear bullish trend properties in the chart to help you pick trade direction.